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Nisa-Nashim Wessex Lunch and Chat


Following the example of other local groups, Nisa-Nashim Wessex decided to organise a lovely lunch!

This was their first in-person meeting in months! Group members Bella and Michelle were there too and Lynda, our wonderful co-chair, made her famous brownies!

Here are a few pictures of this lovely get together.

Nisa-Nashim Wessex Lunch and Chat2021-09-20T06:48:17+01:00

A Wellness Zoom Series for Co-Chairs


In the past few months, Farah Halabi and George Halfin, Innate Health coaches and co-chairs of the Nisa-Nashim Online Essence Group, started a Wellness Zoom Series for all the other co-chairs.

The lockdown and the uncertainty were hard on many of us, and we realised that having someone to talk to, and a safe space to do so, could be of extreme help. We have already run six sessions, discussing topics such as family, stability, fear, hope, and decided to turn it into a recurring, monthly appointment. In the next zoom, which will be taking place in mid-October, our co-chairs will discuss how to deal with the ever changing new normal. 

Thank you George and Farah, this would not be possible without you!

A Wellness Zoom Series for Co-Chairs2020-10-01T13:44:27+01:00