Nisa-Nashim at the time of social distancing

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Nisa-Nashim at the time of social distancing

With March and the warmer weather, the UK followed the rest of the world in having to embrace a new way of living. Because of the spread of Covid19, the government put in place some preventive measures in an attempt to fight the current health crisis. Between the rest, we have been asked to avoid any sort of social gatherings. 

When it comes to Nisa-Nashim and our work, of course we had to reinvent the way we operate. However, while we are now physically distant, this did not stop us. Here is what we have been up to so far.

Salma, from Nisa-Nashim Leeds, and Laura, our co-founder, spoke about us at an online Muslim women’s skills workshop, organised by the Soas Festival of Ideas. They talked about Interfaith narratives and calming anxiety in these particularly difficult moments. They also explored the ongoing challenge of working together as Muslim and Jewish women.


We also organised our first online Interfaith ‘Wellbeing Session’ for co-chairs, where we shared our thoughts and deepest concerns in these difficult days. George and Farah, the co-chairs of our Online Essence group, facilitated the event.


In line with this new technological wave, Nisa-Nashim Wessex had their first Zoom meeting. Thankfully, the internet did not fail them!

Nisa-Nashim West Midlands organised their first zoom gathering too. They had afternoon tea and talked about Pesach and the Muslim dates, including the Day of Destiny. The recipe for macaroons was shared as well in this ‘different’ meeting!