Passover 2021: Charoset filled Samosas for dinner!

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Passover 2021: Charoset filled Samosas for dinner!

On March 22nd over thirty Jewish and Muslim women gathered together to learn about Passover and its festive food traditions! Of course, in this case too we had to stick with the online format, but we still had a lot of fun.

Rabbi Hannah Kingston, from Alyth Synagogue, will talk us through the role of food during Passover.                                                                                                                                        Stacey Friedman, co-chair of the new Nisa-Nashim North Manchester group led the cooking and used an Indian charoset recipe to demonstrate the wide variety of traditions surrounding the festival. 

Whilst some women then sealed their charoset away for seder night, others were more inventive, baking it into braided fruit bread or even producing charoset filled samosas.
We believe that a charoset filled samosa just epitomised the joy of togetherness at Passover! They even published articles about it!

Check out the video of this wonderful event.

And here is the recipe of the delicious charoset!

And here is what we cooked with it….