Ramadan: Fasting and Culture

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Ramadan: Fasting and Culture

On April 8th, we celebrated Ramadan together!

Because of the lockdown, many of us have learned to appreciate the fine art of cooking in the past year and, considering that fasting and reflections around food play a central role in the celebration of Ramadan, we decided to bring the two things together in an evening filled with depth and fun!

Salma Hamid, co-chair of the Nisa-Nashim West Midlands group showed us how to cook Parathas, while Kalsoom Bashir, Muslim Chaplain and safeguarding officer at Avonand Somerset police, talked us through the role of fasting during Ramadan.

Muslim Nisa-Nashim co-chairs also shared family favourites, personal traditions and reflection on what Ramadan means to them. 

Want to check out how the evening went? Here is the video!

Also, if you would like a paratha’s recipe, here is ours!