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Jewish Muslim Women’s Network

Nisa-Nashim is a national network, bringing Jewish and Muslim women together to inspire and lead social change.

We create positive experiences for, and understanding about, people from different backgrounds – particularly Jews and Muslims. Our local groups, coupled with our strategic partnerships, provide a unique voice when advising government bodies, policymakers and others, on how to promote social cohesion.

We believe in; the ability of women to build cohesion and positive change, the contribution of the faith groups, the corrosive nature of prejudice against ‘Outsider’ groups, and above all, we are committed to celebrating similarity whilst recognising difference.

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What people are saying about our work

The energy in the room was phenomenal…we are onto something positive, there is a need for it, a passion for it, an energy for it.

Nisa-Nashim opens doors – and minds.

I was amazed how similar we really are, Nisa-Nashim really brings out similarities.

Women can go back and influence their partners and their children… it is a key way to change attitudes

Nisa-Nashim is fostering the evolution of meaningful relationships between Jewish and Muslim women.

I have lived in this community for many years, this is the first time I’ve invited [my neighbor of the other faith] into my house.

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Nisa-Nashim is supporting and nurturing the grassroots development of safe, inclusive groups of women across the country to meet, interact and share positive experiences together.

All of our groups are co-chaired by a Muslim and a Jewish woman.

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