In celebration of International Women’s Day, Carol Boroughs, Farah Halabi, George Halfin and Janet Rhynie explored what it means to step into your power.

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Some feedback from the evening:

“Thank you what a lovely session and really appreciate all your stories and wisdoms …. Really inspiring and what a nourishing way to spend International Women’s Day” NG

“Thank you for such an insightful evening. I’m so looking forward to reading the book.” RS

“Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences – great to hear. Very inspirational end to IWD” MR

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About the speakers:

George Halfin is an Innate Health coach, project manager at a national UK charity and mum of two and co-chair of Nisa Nashim Essence who is is passionate about supporting people to see beyond their preconceived limitations for themselves and the good of society. She is also editor of the book A Life Less Serious.

Janet Rhynie  from Birmingham lives her own mission statement to educate, elevate and liberate her mind to live a life yet imagined and her life and work as a coach and part-time probation officer inspires others to do the same. She is a contributor to the book A Life Less Serious.

Carol Boroughs is a Three Principles facilitator and mentor working in the field of personal transformation who guides people as they wake up

to their true nature and signposts the way to a deep sense of inner peace and wellbeing. She is a contributor to the book A Life Less Serious.

Farah Halabi is co-chair of Nisa Nashim Essence and  a Transformational Life Coach who helps her stressed-out, overwhelmed and overstretched clients uncover their innate awesomeness and God-given gifts to lead a life of insightful wisdom and peace. She is a contributor to the book A Life Less Serious.