Members of NisaNashim invited new friends, including ladies seeking asylum who are being housed in a local hotel, to join Jewish friends from Mitzvah Day for a wonderful cooking event.

Everyone came together at the Jewish Vegetarian Society in Golders Green to make vegan vegetable curry and vegan apple crumble for a local women’s refuge.

We were joined by Chief Executive of Mitzvah Day, Stuart Diamond who told us all about the wonderful plans for Mitzvah Day. We all cooked together, sharing stories and jokes about our different communities and our shared love of food.

🍏// A fantastic evening had by all last night at the @jewishvegsoc for the Mitzvah Day Interfaith Cooking event. Great to see so many people of different backgrounds, coming together to make a delicious curry and apple crumble for the Central London Women’s Refuge 👏🏼

It was a really special interfaith event.