Tulip Siddiq MP hosted a significant event in Parliament to discuss the unique challenges experienced by female asylum seekers. The event, in collaboration with Nisa Nashim, aimed to combat negative narratives surrounding their situation.

Praise* shared her story, emphasising the difficulties of providing African food for her children and the financial constraints preventing her from attending church. Her tearful revelation highlighted the deep trauma faced by women seeking safety. As a growing network of Jewish and Muslim women, at Nisa Nashim we strive to celebrate similarities, respect differences, and foster compassion.The event enabled Nisa Nashim members to advocate for important changes benefiting women asylum seekers, such as women-only hotels, cooking facilities, and the right to work.

We were supported by Religions For Peace, and founder of the Persian Advice Bureau in Barnet, Foujon Naini attended, contributing valuable insights. The Refugee Council’s Tamsin Baxter emphasised the need to recognise women’s experiences in public discourse. Research indicates that the Illegal Migration Bill could leave vulnerable women in limbo, exposed to trafficking and exploitation.

Overall, the event shed light on the challenges faced by women asylum seekers. Through sharing stories, advocating for change, and amplifying voices, Nisa Nashim works towards building a more compassionate society for those seeking safety and a fresh start.

*name changed for privacy