This June was filled with impactful events and meaningful connections for Nisa Nashim. Our work in June truly exemplified our commitment to celebrating similarities, respecting differences, and building a more compassionate world. Read ahead for insight into how we spent the month.

6th June 2023: Parliamentary event discussing the experiences of female asylum seekers

Tulip Siddiq MP hosted a significant event in Parliament to discuss the unique challenges experienced by female asylum seekers. The event, in collaboration with Nisa Nashim, aimed to combat negative narratives surrounding their situation.

Praise* shared her story, emphasising the difficulties of providing African food for her children and the financial constraints preventing her from attending church. Her tearful revelation highlighted the deep trauma faced by women seeking safety. As a growing network of Jewish and Muslim women, at Nisa Nashim we strive to celebrate similarities, respect differences, and foster compassion.The event enabled Nisa Nashim members to advocate for important changes benefiting women asylum seekers, such as women-only hotels, cooking facilities, and the right to work.

We were supported by Religions For Peace, and founder of the Persian Advice Bureau in Barnet, Foujon Naini attended, contributing valuable insights. The Refugee Council’s Tamsin Baxter emphasised the need to recognise women’s experiences in public discourse. Research indicates that the Illegal Migration Bill could leave vulnerable women in limbo, exposed to trafficking and exploitation.

Overall, the event shed light on the challenges faced by women asylum seekers. Through sharing stories, advocating for change, and amplifying voices, Nisa Nashim works towards building a more compassionate society for those seeking safety and a fresh start.

*name changed for privacy

11th June 2023: Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association UK – National Peace Symposium

On June 11th, Shazia, Anna, and Laura attended the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association UK – National Peace Symposium at the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden. The event was a joyous celebration of Ahmadiyya women, featuring esteemed speakers and an opportunity to explore the stunning mosque.

The symposium honoured the achievements of Ahmadiyya women, with speeches by Baroness Shaista Gohir, the Deputy Police Commissioner, and Mayors from various London Boroughs. Attendees enjoyed a delicious meal and a guided tour of the magnificent Baitul Futuh Mosque.

This was an unforgettable experience at the National Peace Symposium. The event showcased the accomplishments of Ahmadiyya women, provided cultural enrichment, and allowed for appreciation of the exquisite Baitul Futuh Mosque. It was a day filled with inspiration and unity.

14th June 2023: Parliamentary event for Muslim and Jewish women

A recent event held at the Parliament brought together Muslim and Jewish women, MPs, councillors, mayors, aiming to empower and support women from these communities in their political journeys. Organised by Nisa Nashim, the event served as a platform to foster collaboration, address common challenges, and promote inclusivity while also empowering Muslim and Jewish women in politics.

The event provided a valuable opportunity for Muslim and Jewish women to engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and navigate the complex political landscape. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, participants gained valuable insights, skills, and strategies to overcome barriers and succeed in their political aspirations. By bridging gaps and promoting dialogue, the event encouraged understanding and collaboration across religious and cultural lines, breaking down stereotypes and fostering a sense of unity.

15th June 2023: Shared Connections through Plants: Uniting Muslim and Jewish Cultures

Doreen Samuels (teachers group co-chair) and  Hifsa Haroon-Iqbal OBE (Chair board of trustees) recently visited the “Plants of the Koran” exhibition at Kew, discovering shared plant names between Islam and Judaism. The exhibition showcased plant names like figs, pomegranates, olives, and onions, resonating deeply with both Doreen and Hifsa, bridging religious and cultural boundaries.

 Meeting the exhibition’s author and illustrator allowed Doreen and Hifsa to explore the symbolism and stories behind the chosen plants, reinforcing their belief in fostering understanding among diverse communities. The “Plants of the Koran” exhibition at Kew provides insight into Islamic traditions and invites reflection on shared botanical heritage, captivating visitors with its beauty and educational value.

Doreen and Hifsa’s visit exemplifies the potential for building bridges across communities through shared connections. By appreciating each other’s cultures and nature’s unity, we can foster a harmonious society. The exhibition at Kew stands as a testament to the transformative power of nature in promoting interfaith dialogue.

15th June 2023: Inspiring Event Unites Israel-Palestine Stories of Hope

Jenny Nemko, founder of Talk Matters, organised an important event on June 15th. The event brought together inspiring stories of coexistence and hope from Israel-Palestine, featuring the wonderful Dr Lindsay Simmonds ( Research Officer at the Religion and Global Society Department at  LSE). The event was attended by Anna with Doreen Sammuels, co-chair of nn teachers group

The event showcased stories of inspiration, hope, and coexistence from Israel-Palestine. Dr Simmonds shared her remarkable experiences, emphasising the power of empathy and bridging divides. The event provided a platform for dialogue and connection, captivating attendees with narratives of triumph and unity. Through sharing these diverse perspectives, Jenny Nemko and Talk Matters created an atmosphere that highlighted our shared humanity amidst the ongoing tensions.

22nd June 2023: Planning ahead: Bushey Group co-chairs attend a meeting planning future events on the horizon 

The co-chairs of Bushey Group, Alison and Hajra had a productive and enjoyable meeting with the  on June 22nd during which they discussed and planned an upcoming summer picnic and volunteering event in partnership with Sebby’s Corner charity. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm as they envisioned a vibrant picnic at a picturesque park, adorned with decorations and an atmosphere of camaraderie, and looked forward to incorporating opportunities for volunteering and encouraging new membership to make a positive impact in our community. 

22nd June 2023: Barnet Citizens at Finchley progressive synagogue listening event

Nisha Nasim attended a listening event organised by Barnet Citizens at Finchley progressive synagogue on the 22 of June. Asylum seekers from five north London hotels gathered for an evening of food, song, and meaningful discussions. The pressing issue of food emerged as the primary concern, with compelling stories shared about the challenges faced in the hotels. The event, attended by various interfaith visitors and asylum seekers, was a collaborative effort involving the Al Abbas mosque community and Nisa Nashim women. 

23rd June 2023: Wessex Group Co-Chairs visit Poole Hospital 

On Friday 23rd June, the Co-chairs of the Wessex group Linda and Hafsa visited Poole Hospital’s oncology department to donate scarves. This was a heartwarming experience to contribute to the well-being of the patients in need.