That the attack on Halle Synagogue, Germany was deliberately perpetrated on Yom Kippur, and by a gunman who filmed himself carrying out the attack, spouting antisemitic, anti-woman and anti-immigrant views, makes it all the more sickening.

As Jewish women we have seen and heard this ugly narrative against Jews for years, and we know how frightening and dangerous it can be. Many of us were standing guarding our own synagogues on Yom Kippur, never dreaming that an attack like this would actually happen on the holiest of days – but it did.

It is a stark reminder of the reality of antisemitism in Europe and around the world,  and that we need a better understanding of what it is, and how it manifests itself today.

As Muslim women we stand with our Jewish sisters, ready to learn, ready to support, ready to act. This hatred aims to divide us all – but we will challenge it. We are stronger together, we will stand as allies, to call out bigotry and intolerance and to acknowledge and understand what can happen when hatred goes unchecked.

#NNSupports Halle